The Dance Pavilion is the Place for you...

Whether you want to learn socially, participate in studio performances, compete in national dance competitions, or learn your wedding dance, The Dance Pavilion is the place for you.  Students also have the ability to participate in the Medal Test program which is a unique opportunity to have your dancing progress evaluated and critiqued through the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. 

We are proud of the diversified backgrounds and knowledge that our staff provides with versatility in instructional techniques, creativity, and passion to share the joy of dancing in every way.

About Us

Keep it simple, Learn to Dance, Burn the floor Have a party, Make a friend...

That's our mission statement: Keep it Simple, Learn to Dance, Burn the Floor, Have a Party, Make a Friend. That mission informs everything we do at The Dance Pavilion. 

Here at The Dance Pavilion we always have fun and interactive events and parties, including our Spring Showcase, 4th of July Potluck, our Halloween Costume Party & Thriller Performance,  and our Annual Semi-Formal Holiday Ball in December.

The Dance Pavilion is a family, and we would love to have you be a part of it. Dancing is a great way to improve memory, meet new people, or bond with a loved one.

 As a professional studio of ballroom dance, we are committed to providing instructors with high credentials in performance, competition, and instruction. 

Dance is a powerful way to inspire and engage.


"Highly supportive..."

"The social interactions among students and staff are fantastic and highly supportive of everyone’s dancing aspirations...there is a common emotion that arises from these activities and found among all of those I talk to at The Dance Pavilion: dancing makes you feel happy…give it a try!"  Dave Derenzo

David McVicker


Richard Tonizzo


Andrzej Przybyl


"The Dance Pavilion is still my favorite..."

"I’ve been dancing for several years and have had the opportunity to experience different studios and the Dance Pavilion is still my favorite. Ron Brown has successfully managed to execute his original mission and vision where people can come and choose from a variety of dance opportunities delivered by a team of dedicated, caring and talented professional coaches and instructors. Ron and Marion also created a beautiful and top notch studio space for dancers to learn in. However, my favorite part of going to the Dance Pavilion is the warm and friendly reception I get from Ron and Marion every time—I feel like I’m part of a great community” Kristen Storey