Beginner Group Program


Learn Ballroom and Social Dances in a relaxed, upbeat, fun classes designed for new dancers.

Private Lessons


Ready to learn more advanced steps and choreography? Have a unique goal?

Want one-on-one attention?

Group Classes


From Foxtrot and Tango to Waltz, Cha Cha, and even Country 2-Step,

 you can learn to take the floor

in a variety of ballroom styles!

Wedding Choreography


Make your first dance memorable with training and choreography created just for you and your new spouse.

Open Dance Parties


Practice your new skills, meet new friends and have fun in regular open dance parties in The Dance Pavilion's beautiful ballroom.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Get started today with a 30-minute New Student Intro Lesson for Only $29.99. We'll get you on the floor with one of our experienced instructors to introduce you to the many amazing ballroom dance styles and help you choose the right ongoing program for you!

Beginner Group Program


Find your rhythm...

It's never too late to learn to dance. In The Dance Pavilion's Group Beginner Course, you'll learn the basics of Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, and Hustle!

"I began to dance as an adult..."

I had a passion to dance as young as I can remember, but that was not valued. I began to dance as an adult to value my own passion. Dancing to beautiful and exciting music fills me with joy...There are many more talented teachers here at The Dance Pavilion, a beautiful dance studio/ballroom with a large floor, filled with kind people who share the same passion.  -Sanae Finn

Private Lessons


One-on-one instruction...

Focus on your goals in the styles you love. Our friendly and professional staff is here to guide you through the steps and joy of dancing. We offer many performance and competition opportunities throughout the year for you to showcase your skills!

Do I need a partner?

Our teachers are here to be your partner. We welcome you to come to your lesson with or without a dance partner. If you come by yourself, your teacher will dance with you and prepare you to dance with our other Pavilion Family members. 

Group Classes


Meet new people...

Meet new friends in one of our group classes. From beginner to advanced we have a class that suites your needs. Group classes are held Monday through Friday, see the schedule below to join!

Join at any time...

Feel free to join a group class at any time. Our talented staff will help guide you and make sure you feel comfortable during your first class. We welcome both singles and couples, so you do not need a partner to join classes. We all dance together to help us grow!

Dance Parties


Enjoy using your new skills...

Gather with instructors and students of all skill levels and get on the floor to use what you've been learning in regular open dance parties hosted by The Dance Pavilion. It's a great way to enjoy yourself and meet new friends.

"A home...where I am accepted and valued..."

The Dance Pavilion is a great spacious floor and truly impressive, fantastically talented instructors for all dance styles. But what I love is being able to consider it a home with friends where I am accepted and valued as a fellow dancer, where they treat you like you belong and you are part of the creative process, not just another client!  Kelly Flynn

Get dressed up and come to one of our many special events throughout the year. From showcases to Halloween Parties and 4th of July Potlucks, there is always something to do under the Pavilion.

More at the Dance Pavilion...

Event Rentals


Rent The Dance Pavilion's beautiful ballroom for your next special event.

Gift Cards


Ballroom dance lessons make an amazing gift. Gift cards are available for special occasions can be used for private lessons, group classes, or wedding packages.

Massage and Spa


Massage therapy and Spa services are available at The Dance Pavilion. 

Gift Cards


Dance Classes make an Amazing Gift!

Give the gift of dance! Gift cards are available for Private Lessons, Group Classes, Wedding Packages, and more! A fun, social activity that get you moving to the music!