David McVicker

    Born and raised in the Midwest, Dave began dancing in 1996.  Several years later, following placement in regional collegiate  competitions, he and his then dance partner were national finalists in  the American Rhythm 2-Dance (Rumba/Cha-Cha). Shortly thereafter, in a  wish to share his knowledge with others, he began teaching dancers from  various walks of life and experience levels, including social dancers,  competitive dancers and wedding couples. Dave worked for independent and  franchised dance studios, earning his teaching certifications in  American Smooth and American Rhythm styles from Arthur Murray in 2005.  In 2017, he earned his International Standard style teaching  certification from the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).  In addition to his certifications from Arthur Murray and ISTD, Dave has  extensive step pattern and technical knowledge contained in other dance  syllabi from accredited dance organizations, including DVIDA and NDCA.  Throughout his dance career, he has taken numerous lessons from various  coaches to sharpen his technical and stylistic aspects of dance. His  favorite dance is East Coast Swing.

Although dance has been Dave’s favorite performing art, his other  love is music. He played the trumpet and piano as a child, and performed  in collegiate marching band and collegiate percussion ensemble,  specializing in snare drum, drum set, and pit percussion instruments.

When not teaching dance, Dave devoted time to his other profession:  postsecondary and continuing education. From 2001-2004, he worked as  Adjunct Professor at Stautzenberger College, teaching Psychology,  Sociology and English.  From 2006 to 2012, he taught history, English  grammar and essay writing to Korean students in Austin, Texas. Shortly  thereafter, Dave went back to school and earned his Master’s of  Education in 2015. That same year, he worked as a vocational placement  advisor for a regional homeless shelter, helping homeless people find  jobs suited to their abilities and interests. In his spare time, Dave  volunteers for and donates to various charities, non-profit  organizations and initiatives addressing homelessness, poverty, health  issues, and consumer rights. His hobbies include reading, music,  philosophy, theology, physics, science-fiction, crossword puzzles,  computerized gaming, and Ancient Roman history.

Dave enjoys teaching people from all backgrounds, recognizing and  appreciating the differences in their aspirations, efforts, experience  levels, and goals. Since joining The Dance Pavilion, Dave is eager to  share the feeling of fulfillment and joy that dance can bring to  others–developing self-confidence, enhancing emotional well-being, and  improving physical fitness.