Izabela Jaworska

    I was born and raised in Poland and at the age of  seven fell in love with dancing. It became my career. I am currently a  professional dancer, dance teacher, coach, and choreographer. I am also  an accredited ballroom dance adjudicator, as a Fellow in International  Ballroom and Licentiate in Latin American styles.

I bring a long history of dance education to my  profession. I trained in Poland but learned most of my skills in London,  England, studying there for 10 years with the finest coaches in the  world. The biggest influences on my dance career have been Peter  Eggleton, Bill and Bobbie Irvine, Marcus and Karen Hilton, Andrew  Sinkinson, Luca and Loraine Baricchi, and Pierre Allaire.

With my former competitive partner Robert Kubis, I have  traveled across Europe, the United States, and Asia competing in  numerous international competitions, like the British Open, United  Kingdom, and International Championship. We have also competed in the  open dance championships in Poland, Japan, the United States, the  Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Our most notable achievements are:
• Polish National 10-Dance Championship finalists
• Represented Poland on the BBC program “Come Dancing”
• Winners of almost every Rising Star title in the United States
• 4-time semi-finalists at U.S. National Dance Championships

In 1997, Robert and I were invited by Arthur Murray  Dance Studios in the United States to work in one of their schools in  Ann Arbor, Michigan.
I have since become a U.S. Citizen, and made Michigan my home.

In 2005 we became the owners and managers of the Come  Dancing Dance Studio in Saline, Michigan (comedancing-ballroom.com).  This studio continues to attract all levels of dancers.

In 2012, I decided to build upon my successes and leave  Come Dancing to become an independent instructor, judge, and  choreographer.

I now teach at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanti, Michigan  (thedancepavilion.com). I continue to dance competitively in  partnerships with my students, and perform in showcases at every  opportunity.

I have been rewarded with a large number of students in the region  and am devoted to helping each student achieve his or her goals.

My teaching style tends to focus on technique and its  nuances. One of my favorite methods of teaching is to “link” information  between dances. I like to highlight the similarities and/or differences  in particular figures like, for example, how the footwork of the heel  pull changes between waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep.

I also recognize how important it is for students to  learn and understand body mechanics. I bring my knowledge gained from my  studies in yoga and anatomy to develop my students’ awareness of  balance, strength, and flexibility. Improving these qualities in harmony  allows students to be more musical, expressive, and artistic in their  dancing.