Kiyana Brown

    An  Eastern Michigan University graduate with a degree in French &  International Trade and a minor in Marketing, has been dancing for over  20 years. She has been formally trained in Cecchetti Ballet Grades I-IV,  as well as being learned in other ballet methods. Along with Ballet,  Kiyana has been trained in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary/Lyrical, and  Modern methods including Horton, Graham, and Franklin. She has  participated in many dance programs including Dance Theatre of Harlem’s,  “Masters and Mentors” Summer Intensive, in New York City, and was a  dance major at Eastern Michigan University before changing her academic  focus.

As an adult dancer, Kiyana took a much loved dive into the  word of ballroom, teaching and choreographing for American Rhythm and  Smooth at The Dance Pavilion. After traveling the country performing  with her former partner in ladies’ styling for Zouk, Bachata and Salsa,  she has refocused her current goals on a professional Ballroom career.

She has been training in International Latin under the  instruction of Andrzej Przybyl to eventually compete pro/pro with her  partner, Chad Brown. Kiyana recently received her USISTD Professional  Certification in International Ballroom, International Latin, and  American Ballroom at the Associate level after completing three 30-hour  teacher training programs under the instruction of Izabela Jaworska. She  is happy to announce that she passed her exams highly commended and  looks forward to continuing her education at the professional level.

She is passionate about dance, and still continues to  perform locally and nationally. Here at The Dance Pavilion, Kiyana also  uses her degree “behind the scenes” as our Assistant Manager to enrich  our studio and help keep things running smoothly.

Kiyana’s teaching goals are to share the love of dance with  her students and to teach them about bettering their bodies, mind and  spirit through the art of dance. She is looking forward to advancing her  career with multiple performance opportunities and teaching avenues.