Richard Tonizzo

 Richard hails from Perth, Australia and  started dancing at the age of 4. He competed in Standard, Latin and New  Vogues Styles. Richard was Youth Standard Champion in Australia,  representing Australia at the World Youth Championships. Richard moved  to England with his Australian partner in 2003 to train under top  English coaches. For the past 16 years Richard has been consistently  taking lessons from current and former world champions in order to  compete at a world-level.

Richard’s credentials include:
• 2017 Canadian National Professional Standard Champions
• Ranked as high as 17th in the world in Professional Standard
• 2016 International Championship Quarter Finalists
in Pro-Standard
• 2015 World Pro-Standard Quarter Finalists
• 2015 Placed 16th on the WDC World Ranking List
• 2014 Placed 17th on WDC World Ranking List
• 2012 & 2013 Ohio Star Ball Professional Standard Finalists
• 2011 Blackpool Professional Standard Quarter-Finalists
• 2011 UK Professional Rising Star Vice Champions
• 2010 – 2014 Ranked 2nd in Canada in the Professional Standard Division
• 2010 & 2011 World Professional Standard Quarter Finalists
• 2010 & 2011 1st Runner Up in all of Canada in Professional Standard
• 2010 International Professional Rising Star Vice Champions
• 2009 North American (Ohio Star Ball) Amateur Standard Champions
• Canadian Amateur Standard Champions
• Ontario Amateur Standard Champions
• Manhattan Dancesport Amateur Standard Champions
• Blackpool Under 21 Standard Semi-Finalist
• Australian Youth Standard and New-Vogue Champion
• Australian Youth Latin Finalist
• Australian Junior Standard Champion