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...happiest moments of my life...

"The Dance  Pavilion is responsible for the happiest moments of my life- I met the  woman who would become my wife at the Dance Pavilion. I had no  intentions of meeting someone while dancing; what initially brought me  to the Dance Pavilion was  to work on my footwork for soccer and boxing.  But there was something about actually moving with another person,  trusting them while you work together, and getting to understand one  another that soon brought us together. It made me appreciate that while  others were out there searching for one another ("Liking" one another's  posts or other variations of "swiping right" on one another) I had  rediscovered one of our oldest ways of finding one another, and it led  me to who I was meant to be with.  We met in Kiyana's group lessons for salsa. Each person who showed up  danced with all of the others, and it was great to learn how to dance  with multiple people, since each expected/needed something different and  provided a unique experience dancing together. Each class was a blast,  and many of the people became friends outside of lessons and grabbed  drinks and dinner together. It was also helpful for learning how to be  more confident/comfortable in social settings, as you are in a situation  where you are meeting/dancing with someone new every few minutes.  When the wedding came around it was only natural that we thought to head  back to the Dance Pavilion to work on the choreography of our first  dance - we had had such fun group-lessons and knew we would be in goods  hands. And we were pleasantly surprised to find that Kiyana, our  instructor from when we met, made sure she would be our personal  instructor. This is exactly the sort of people you will find at the  Dance Pavilion- people who care about their student, and love what they  do. She made certain to find our expectations for our first dance (we  wanted to feel comfortable enough to have fun and enjoy the dance rather  than be stressed about it) and delivered instructions that were perfect  in achieving it.  While I cannot guarantee that you will find the person you were meant to  be with (like I did) at the Dance Pavilion, I can assure you that you  will have a fun time, improve your dancing skills, and learn something  about yourself while you are doing it." 

- Jonathan B,